Musica Amata

Antonina Koleva Lax 


Antonina began her music and piano lessons when she was 7 years old at a local music school in the town of Yambol, Bulgaria.

At the age of 16 she moved to Russia to study Piano in the city of Tyumen (West Siberia) at the Tyumen Art College.  Some of her teachers are representatives of Heinrich Neuhaus Piano School, established in Ekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk- the former name of the city) during the Second World War.

Antonina graduated in 1987 with a Bachelors Degree in Piano Performing and Teaching, and from Tyumen State University, with a Master's Degree in 1992. She also has a PhD in the History of the Russian Language and Culture.

She has published lectures and lessons in Non- traditional Methods of Teaching the Russian Language- both as a native and as a foreign language  and, also, Literature through Music and Art. Antonina created her unique interactive methods of teaching music and art which were aprobated and widely recognised in Rissia and Bulgaria.

Antonina specialized in Chamber Music with Boris Krein and attended master classes of  Chamber Music, Solo Piano Performing and Accompaniment with Isaak Zetel (Professor at Ekaterinburg State Conservatoire) and Valery Samoletov (Professor at Moscow Gnesin's Music Institute).

Since 1987 she has  taken part in many concerts as a soloist, accompanist and member of a chamber ensemble in Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine and England.  Antonina has had a successful career as a Pianist and a Teacher in Bulgaria. In 2007 she met Nicholas Browne and they established MUSICA AMATA

After moving to England Antonina participated in some of Changeling Productions and InterOpera Projects in the North East.  She is a Piano Tutor at Barnard Castle School and prepares students for any grade or level up to MA. Her career of acclaimed performer and music educator has developed commensurately with devotion to her students. Following the fine example of her teachers Antonina set up her own  experimental Music Academy for children to pass on her knowledge and to bring excellence in Piano teaching and performance.



Antonina's Professional Partners:

Jonathan Stokoe - Violin, Viola

Gregory Pullen - Cello